Join the Team

Participant Costs

In this section we break-down the fees and costs associated with team participation for the 2023 season. There are essentially two entities – the “League” (actually a combination of national (NICA) and state (PICL) governing bodies) and the team itself (Downingtown MTB Team).

League Dues…(multiple options)

National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) and Pennsylvania Interscholastic Racing League (PICL)

$250 – “Base package” (required)

The base package gets you insurance coverage for the season, all weekly rides with the team, Adventure Weekends (2 this year) as well as any “Local Dirt” events, which are rides or small, informal races with a few other local teams. This package is required for ALL student athletes and will be the only option available to you until August (read on…).

While we encourage it, no one is required to participate in any statewide races or adventure rides. Some people might just try a race or two in their first season. Others jump right in and do most or all the races. The good news is that you don’t have to decide until late in the summer once you have a good feel for your comfort level and availability. See the add-on options below.

$85 – Add-on Option #1 – “ALL-IN” includes all Races

Option #1: : Includes 3 State races and 2 Conference races. The All-In option does not require you to attend all races, but it is a cost effective, once-and-done way to get access to all races.

$45/Race a la carte – Add-on Option #2

Option #2: If you think you only want to do one race, this might be a good option. If you enter 2 statewide/conference races, the All-In option is more cost-effective.

Team Dues (required)

Team Dues go directly to team operations (tools, parts, coaching expenses…), not a national or state governing body AND INCLUDE: Team Socks, a Team tech t-shirt, and an inner tube and strap to make sure all of our student athletes start the season prepared!

$50 – Team dues

$47-$80 – Jersey

Jersey pricing depends on the jersey style you choose. Shorts and other items are also available in the team store.

Team dues can be waived and a team store credit earned with $250 or more in sponsorship dollar commitments – either from one sponsor or a combination of sponsors.

Total participant cost…

Minimum: $250 (“base package” league option, and team dues waived with $250 in sponsorship)

Maximum: $465 (“base package” + “All-In” race option + team dues with no sponsorship + most expensive jersey)

If cost is a barrier to joining, please reach out. Scholarships and financial assistance from both the league and team may be available upon request.

Registering for the team is a two step process

  1. Register for the team here (Downingtown MTB Team ( If you know you’ll be getting a sponsorship, please wait until you have submitted a check to LeeAnn Webb (Sponsorship Coordinator/Treasurer) before registering, and then choose the sponsorship option. Let us know if you need sponsorship paperwork.
  2. Register for the league in Pitzone.
    1. New riders will be sent a Pitzone invite within about a day of registering for the team. 
    2. Returning riders can go straight to Pitzone.

In order to keep things clean behind the scenes for the league, they have asked that we all use the exact same spelling for our school names (no acronyms or abbreviations) when registering in Pitzone. It helps them with their auditing and makes sure the right kids are on the right team. Just copy & paste your school name from the list below.

Downingtown District MTB Team

  • Downingtown High School East
  • Downingtown High School West
  • Downingtown STEM Academy
  • Lionville Middle School
  • Downingtown Middle School
  • Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center
  • Downingtown Cyber Academy
  • Homeschool (living in DASD)

Downingtown Composite MTB Team

  • Coatesville Area Senior High School
  • Windsor Christian School
  • PALCS (we’ll allow the acronym for this one)
  • The Concept School
  • Woodlynde School
  • Collegium Charter School
  • High Point Baptist Academy
  • Homeschool (living outside of DASD)

If your school isn’t listed here, you get to define it, but please let us know how you spell it (please don’t use acronyms) so others who might attend the same school can be consistent.