Registration for 2019 has concluded. This page appears *for information only.*


  • $175 Team dues includes team race jersey (approx. cost $90).
    • Max fees for family with more than one rider are $325.
    • Secure $250 in sponsorship to waive dues for one rider.
  • $300 PICL (Pennsylvania league) fee (includes NICA fee).


Registration for the 2019 season has concluded. Please consider joining us for the 2020 season.

  • TEAM REGISTRATION - ALL RIDERS: Visit to register and pay team dues. If sponsorship is achieved after registration takes place, dues can be reimbursed.
    • NEW RIDERS: After team registration/dues payment, new riders will receive an invitation to PitZone (PA/National league site for teams and riders). Upon receipt of the invitation, follow the link and proceed with league registration and league fee payment.
    • RETURNING RIDERS: Visit and complete league registration and league fee payment.
  • TEAMSNAP¬† REGISTRATION: All team communications are managed in TeamSnap, accessible via website or mobile app. Team roster, calendars and availability for events, announcements, photos, etc. all are found in TeamSnap. Within a few days of paying team dues, new riders will receive an invitation to join the Downingtown team in TeamSnap. Returning riders will be automatically added to the new season.¬†